25 January 2013

Dang it!

image:  abcfamily.com

So, you know we don't have cable.  While I'm doing my online work (or writing billions of notes for work, like the past two weeks) if I'm alone I'll turn on a show.  I tend to pick one at random on Netflix and work my way through.  Well, quite a while back I found a show I absolutely loved, "Jane by Design."  I forget what project I was working on...I think it was rosters/projections...but anyway, I went through the first 10 or so available episodes and put it on the back burner.  Several weeks ago, I checked and the rest of the season was available on Netflix, so I've been watching them as I have time. Well...today I watched the last episode of Season 1.  Big cliffhanger.  Edge of my seat!  So, I checked online to see when Season 2 was produced and to see if I can find it online...dang it!  It was cancelled after Season 1.  Now I'll NEVER know.

Sniff.  I'll miss you, Jane and Billy.  

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