28 May 2010

Happy Hour

I have been HORRIBLE this year about taking pictures of teacher appreciation gifts, etc. Probably for the same reason I'm having trouble typing right now--my full-time helper. He's currently eating Mommy up (num num num, he says).

Today is Kayci's last day of first grade--sigh. Where does the time go? More on that later. Right now, I just wanted to share a happy thought (since most of y'all have another week of school and probably need a teacher gift or two). Kayci's teacher got a Kindle for Mother's Day, so her gift was easy--an Amazon card. (If you've never bought an Amazon giftcard and printed it out, I highly recommend it--so easy!) But of course you can't just give a gift card if you're Kristi, you have to put it in a theme-y sort of gift. So I thought, what would go with a good book? I thought about putting the gift card with some nice sunscreen & bug spray (Sherri sells Avon, you know!) or in a cool bag (but Heather and I both bought her bags for Teacher Appreciation, so that's been done). Then I thought about a fun cup...and I went from there to a Sonic card. Then I thought, well this would be cute for the principals, secretaries, etc...so I had to come up with a cheaper way to package them. And I remembered something I saw at WalMart last week, and the straws from Emily Bean's party this past weekend, and this idea was born: May all of your summer hours be HAPPY hours! (Get it?)

(These are the disposable margarita glasses--our WalMart has already put them on the clearance aisle, can you believe it?? The umbrella straws are from Dollar Tree.)

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