09 May 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 12th anniversary! Look what I found when I moved into my new office drawers earlier this year:

Inside, it says "Life with you is never dull!" What's cool, other than the fact that the picture looks like Mary Engelbreit could have drawn it of our family of four, is that I bought this card in 2000. 10 years ago! Who would have thought we'd end up with a big girl and a little boy...and all the accompanying craziness! Why, you ask, have I never given him the card? I must have been saving it, then it got lost in my box of cards. I also found a couple of cards we bought back in 1998--I know this because I remember exactly who I bought them for. And Mark's graduation card (he graduated the year after us), and Preston's 3 year old birthday card (he's 6 in a couple of weeks), and assorted Halloween and Easter cards I've bought for my niece's and nephews over the years and apparently forgot to send. But this card...this card is absolutely perfect for today. I'm glad I am a pack rat! Well, in this case...

Happy Anniversary, boy! And thanks for 12 decidedly-not-dull years!!

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