17 May 2010


How ironic that today's Freelance Folder article is about distractions, both external and internal. Seeing as how I've been holding this laptop for the past 40 minutes and have done work but not written a word for the assignment that's due in...hmm, 35 hours. It is going to feel SO GOOD when I am done with that, and even better next week after I've presented it...and by the time I present it next week, Family Fun Night will be over, I'll have attended my last 2 PPCD meetings of the year (and distributed all 20 end of the year gifts...)...and theoretically I'll be done with my LP gig. Oh, what a difference a week will make! Well, a week and a couple of days...then it's off to the Lake for Memorial Day weekend and a great start to a fun summer with the kids.

And there's another 4 minutes of not writing. So I'm watching "Tori and Dean"--did I mention the weather kept us at Mom's again tonight? Does that help explain why I'm so distracted--I'm SOOOOOOO off schedule and out of routine! Anyway, I'm not an expert after only 2 episodes, but can anyone else totally relate to Tori Spelling? She seems to be just another overachieving, overextended Mom...I'd do Starbucks with her!

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