16 May 2010

Ode to a Boy

Hey, look, I do remember how to blog! So, things have been pretty busy, work- and family-wise, and I just haven't had time to think, much less write about what I'm thinking. Tonight the kids and I ended up staying at Mom's (we weren't planning it, long story, but it works out great!) and I'm sitting here working while Noble snores at the other end of the couch. Kayci finally gave up and went to sleep after 9, although she tried to argue that she hadn't actually fallen asleep...sure, kiddo. Go to bed. :) I don't know how late I'll stay up...probably until I fall asleep writing the course I'm still finishing up...for real this time, I'm just a day or so away from DONE. Next week I'll present it to the instructors, and after that...just regular daily work. End of year stuff for schools and Kayci, but pending disaster, no major projects otherwise. I can't WAIT! Can you believe it's almost summer? Kayci gets out of school a week earlier than GPISD, so she's only got two more weeks!!!!! I'm really looking forward to summer this year...don't know what it's going to look like, but I love, love the rhythm of summertime. And to get to spend that much time with Kayci? AWESOME!

So, back to my Boy...a week ago was our anniversary. With everything else going on, we just didn't have time or energy to go out. We knew we'd be coming to Houston this weekend, so we just planned on having a date here. But, this past week was just as crazy as the week before and yesterday ended up being a lot, lot longer than we expected...so needless to say, when 6:00 came last night neither of us was feeling very romantical. But, we said we were going on a date, so we kissed the kids and headed out. I owed James a boy flick (he reminded me of the subpar Amy Adams movie I dragged him to earlier this spring), so our plan, for lack of a better one, was to go see Iron Man. Here's the thing, though: when we got into the car, I was g-rumpy. Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy...I had been looking forward to a DATE, something special. Granted, neither of us had time to plan said date, so the lack of a plan wasn't anyone's fault. It just was what it was, the product of a craptastic couple of weeks. So there we were, in the car on the way to a movie neither of us was dying to see right then...and I was just like, no. No, I don't want to do this. We're going to go to the movie and then I'm going to be all grumpy and let down--what kind of an anniversary date is going to a guy flick? We weren't even planning on dinner since we had such a late (and crazy expensive!!) post-graduation lunch, so it didn't even feel like a "real" date. My boy is so awesome--instead of getting ticked off, he listened to what I was saying (and what I wasn't saying!) and he called an audible. He said, let's go do something James and Kristi. So we made a list of things that are hard to do with kids in tow...and that's what we did! It wasn't a make a movie of it romantic night, but we had a GREAT night, and a great date. And when it was all said and done, I felt so much closer to my Boy and much more in tune. Isn't that what an anniversary date SHOULD be? :)

Then today James spent his whole day doing stuff for me and my Mom and then taking our kids skating so I could work for a while. And THEN, since it was so late and he didn't want me to have to go home tonight and then turn around first thing in the morning and drive BACK with Noble (long story), he drove Mom's truck home tonight (another long story...we needed to drive it 100 miles over the next few days, and I wasn't looking forward to working that in!) and the kids and I stayed. So now I've gotten a couple of extra hours of work in and will hopefully do the same tomorrow morning, all because my Boy is just awesome. I love you, Boy-o!

So that's my ode to a Boy. Thanks for being there for me, and for being awesome you. :) Have I told you today how much I appreciate you?

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James Pharaon said...

I love you, too, Girl. You make me smile. And for the record, that was our best date in years! Have a good night, and I'll talk to you in the morning. :)