07 May 2010

You Glow, Girl!

I'm hiding in the bedroom...it got to the point where I'm so desperate to get a project done, I hired the kids' favorite sitter to come over this afternoon so I could work for a while to be ready for Monday's deadline (it's a school holiday here). I have been very productive, and this is my first break in over 2 hours if you can believe that! I just had to share a text that just came through on my phone, sent from Kayci...

My nails glow in the dark!

And well, you know my response.

She and Madeline have been planning a manicure day for ages, and I wish you could have seen her face when Madeline walked in carrying a big ol' case of nail polish. :) My plan was to put Noble down for a nap so Kayci could just enjoy hanging out with Madeline, but of course he hasn't slowed down a minute since she's been here. But that's okay--all I hear in the other room is happy kids playing, and that makes for a happy Mommy. And probably a very tired Ms. Madeline!

Making my Monday deadline will also make me happy, so back to work...

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