28 March 2010

Skating Lessons

Last night we took the kids skating for the first time. We've lived here almost 4 years now, and I've lost track of how many times we've been invited to skating parties...that coincided with weekends out of town, big life events, etc. So, that's how we made it this far without ever going. It was an eye-opening experience, in lots of ways.

Lesson #1: No matter where you go in life...

...some things never change. Skating rinks? One of those things.

Lesson #2: Sometimes we have to leave behind what's comfortable and try something new.

Lesson #3: New things? Not always as easy as they look.

(Hidden lesson #4 and change: Sometimes, you just have to let go so they can learn. Sometimes, the lesson is in the failing...in the hard things. Sometimes they have to learn that they have more to learn. Sigh.)

Lesson #5: It's hard when you're used to being good at most things,
and then you come up against something you're not so good at.

Lesson #6: That's even harder when it seems like EVERYONE else is good
at the thing that's hard for you. Even, heaven help us, the little kid.

Lesson #7: As we age, we forget to be fearless.

Lesson #8: Sometimes you need a hand up.

Lesson 9: And sometimes, you need a little more than that. (Thanks, Daddy!)

Lesson #10: When you forget to dwell on what's bugging you, you might just have a little fun.

Lesson #11: Sometimes, you just need to have a good cry. And a good talking-to. Because when you face what it is that's bringing you down...

Lesson #12: ...before you know it, you figure out a way to get around it. So you do.

Lesson #13: And before you know it, a good song comes on and you're having a great time, doing the hard thing that isn't so hard anymore.

...and you can't wait to go back and do it again.


A Journey For Life said...

Looks like a blast!! Good to know there is a skating rink in the area, can't wait to try it out sometime.

Heather said...

GREAT POST! Lots of great lessons learned yesterday. I love it! I will invite y'all when we embark on our skating lessons. We are attending a birthday party in May at the skating ring so we need to get those lessons in QUICK!

Brenda said...

#15. PVC pipe is an awesome invention and you can make just about anything with it! Wish our skating rink had those. Alex had his first lesson not to long ago. :)

What a great post!

Tracye said...

Glad you guys stuck with it. I think we need a MOPS playdate at the rink. What fun!