22 March 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

So much on my mind today, not sure where to start--on the house, or on this blog. :) No, seriously...the house kind of got trashed yesterday and it's out of control. The laundry hamper is completely full...and then there's the quilt from the couch which soaked up the half cup of coffee I spilled this morning, just waiting to be washed. Then there's the work...most of it still in my head, waiting to be poured into the computer. And then there are my thoughts...my mind is just racing.

I'm breaking my no politics on my blog rule: U.S. Government, I'm pissed at you. There's no other word. You know what you did.


Let's change the subject, shall we? I do, after all, have to get something done here before too long. (BTW--I'm not completely useless. I ran errands/worked for 2 hours after I dropped Kayci off this morning. So there. The lethargy kicked in when I got home...)

New subject: how awesome was your spring break? Ours was great! Had a great mix of time at home, time out having fun, time with friends and family...it was awesome, start to finish. I think James had a fun birthday (I know we had fun celebrating him!), and today he gets to enjoy the first of his presents: 8 weeks of guitar lessons! (To recap, if you don't know, he's always wanted to play acoustic guitar. We got him the guitar and a copy of Guitar for Dummies for Christmas. He's said several times he'd love to take lessons...he just didn't know we'd planned that for his birthday all along. Hee hee.)

At some point, James will post pics of our spring break on our family blog. Hint, freaking hint.
Hmm...ah, yes, spring break. Kayci cried and cried at bedtime last night, saying she didn't want to go back to school. Now THAT's the mark of a good break, right? Noble had no problems, thank goodness, and even helped us out by sleeping past 6:30 this morning. We surprised the kids with french toast (Daddy rocked it!) to help get the day off to a good start, and I think it worked. Of course, Kayci had new clothes to wear today and that always helps, too. Oh, and she got to hug Ms. Allison when she got out of the car...that was a blessing! :) So we're off and running.

Hmm. Did I tell you guys already that I figured out one of our budget issues? Stinkin' kids' school lunches were BREAKING us. So, as of today, they are back to taking their lunches again. It's a good thing, because it means that they'll both be eating MUCH LESS processed food. The bad thing? Hard to find kid-friendly, not-so-processed lunch box fare. Seriously, have you even read the ingredients on lunch meat? I finally found one with just straight up sugar instead of dextrose (hidden corn syrup, friends)...and THAT was the best choice? Really? Yuck. So that's on my to-do list...create a menu of healthy lunch box foods that the kids will actually eat. I'll be honest--I was digging the whole paying for lunch thing because it really did make the mornings go easier (this started last year at this time when things were so up in the air with my Dad). But I'd have to squelch the guilt over WHAT that money was buying...blech. Oh, well, it's done. Onward and upward, right?

In other food news, I have a refrigerator full of boiled shrimp (yum--think we finished the crawfish tails in a great pasta last night!). Shrimp suggestions? Going to try to substitute shrimp for the tilapia in our favorite fish tacos tonight. Wish me luck!

And that brings me to another thing...carbs. Not the good for you, fruit and veggie carbs, but the bread and tortilla and crackers and baked goods processed carbs that I love so much. It's time to make yet another diet adjustment, and say goodbye to these things. Well, not completely--that's a surefire recipe to FAIL. But not every meal, every day. Like now. Sigh. So we'll see.

This whole food thing is hard. God's working so hard on our hearts and in our lives...over the past few years, we have changed our food habits tremendously. First we cut out processed foods and meat...which we let back in because seriously, who can live without a steak now and again? We ate clean for a long time, then when things got hectic we slowly slid back into some bad habits. But now that life is just normal hectic, it's time to get back to basics and eat right. We feel better when we do. It's not cheaper, it's not easier...but good things so rarely are, right? So that's on my mind a lot. Local, sustainable...on my mind.

Taxes are on my mind a lot, too. Would love to say, did 'em...but can't. Not yet, anyway.

What else is on my mind today? Easter's coming up. Round Top is the week before Easter--pretty excited about that. Bluebonnet Festival is right after Easter. Then we have a couple of weekend trips planned...oh, yeah, and in the middle of that I've got a huge work project due. Oh, yeah, work. That thing I'm SUPPOSED to do for money. Hmm. Guess I'd better tackle this house then get to it so I can invoice this week, right?

Still here? After the rambling? Run along now...see you at the park later for some fresh air!

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