22 March 2010

Alrighty, God, You got me...

This morning I felt really guilty because I sat...just sat...and thought for a while after I wrapped up that last blog post. I just had so much on my mind, and I never STOP and just run through it. So I did...and was left feeling vaguely dissatisfied about a few things.

Then James walked in for lunch and made an offhand comment about something that happened this morning, and it just CLICKED. Like God threw open the door so hard it left a mark on the wall.

So I'm thinking we're--I'm--going to walk on through this one. God's been putting the same thought in my path for a while now and I've stepped around it each time, with a little aside to Him about how busy I am, not in my plans right now, maybe later.

Maybe now, He says, a bit more insistently this time. Maybe you step on through the door I've opened, and let Me handle the details. Maybe you quit trying to do My job and just do yours.

You know it takes me a while sometimes, that whole pride thing we keep talking about. (Mine, not yours.) Maybe I'm listening this time, God.

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