21 March 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

Grandma watched the kids on Friday night so James and I could have a date for his birthday (saw "The Bounty Hunter" at Star Cinema Grill...awesome and awesome!!). We always leave a phone with Kayci so she can contact us if she needs us (we learned a long time ago that it takes away her anxiety when we leave her, because she knows she's still connected to us). I sent her a text when we were waiting for the movie, and this is what followed...

I love you, Bitty!!! :) Mommy

Love you to! how are things doing?

Good! Mommy and I are about to have dinner and see a movie. Loving you! --Daddy

What have u been doing all this time? waiting?

Blowing bubbles in our milk and putting our hands in alligators mouths. (Old family joke.)
What are you watching?


No, I forgot to tell you. I am also watching this mess show called noble. but it's not hard!

We love you bigger than the world, Bitty!

I love you, to!

Our movie is starting but you can text us if you need us. Mommy says don't forget to potty when you put on your pajamas.

At 9:49, we were in the car on the way home when this came through:

Were is the phone charger? You're phone is at four!! noble cuddled with me and fell asleep!

It's in Daddy's green bag, sweetie. On our way home now! You're the best big sister ever!


Love you, Bitty--5 more minutes. :)

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!! I plugged it in!

I love that kid. She's growing up faster than I can fathom, and our relationship seems to be changing every day. This week has been a bit challenging with the kids competing for attention (well, one of them just demands it...the other knows what she's missing when HE gets it...sigh.). I need to do a lot of things differently as a parent, I know, but I hope she never loses sight of the fact that I love her more than anything--James says it well, about how when we first saw her in the operating room and she looked up at us with those dark, wise eyes, and it was like we'd always known her. I can't imagine anyone more like me, or anyone so much better than me.

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