26 March 2010

A New Adventure

I found this today on Tip Junkie/Executive Homemaker. It's a daily schedule for toddlers/preschoolers, and she also shares a very honest look at her days (TV time and all--gasp! Usually mommybloggers don't admit to using the shiny box...but I do. Have you MET Noble?). Anyway, why do I need a daily schedule? Isn't that what I do for a living?

Well, yes. But I find myself back at square one...for lots of reasons I'll probably go into later, we've decided to pull Noble out of daycare and keep him home with me. He just BLOSSOMS when he's here, and turns caveman after daycare. It's disheartening. So, there it is. Anyway, I haven't a clue what our days will look like after next Wednesday when he's here with me all day.

Enter Executive Homemaker. Curious yourself? Need a little more organization? Go check it out!

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