26 March 2010

91 Steps

Does anyone else remember that Erasure song? It was the b-side of the "Blue Savannah" cassette single...it's instrumental, a little funky, a little long. But I loved it in High School, and it's been on my mind this week. Why, you ask?

Thanks for asking. That brings me to my post!

So...making changes, big and small. The biggest change, for me, sometimes, is just being AWARE of the choices I make and the reality of what I'm eating, my activity level, etc. These are things that I totally let slide when things get busy or stressful (which, hello, is pretty much every day for whatever reason). It's been an eye-opening couple of months for me as I've really looked at how many calories I'm taking in on a good--or a bad--day, how much time I actually spend moving, etc. Lots of etcs. this morning. Too early!

(last week...me chasing the kids!)

Anyway...last week woot! had pedometers one day. I've wanted one for a while, so James ordered one. I wore it for the first time on Wednesday...my thought was, I'd track myself every day and see how many steps I take on a commuting day (Wednesday), a MOPS day (Thursday), a regular workout day (today), the weekend, and then next week when I have Noble all day as opposed to just a couple hours at the beginning and 4-5 hours at the end. I really think my steps will INCREASE next week--hello, I won't be sitting at the computer so much! (Which will probably lead to some whiny posts about readjusting my work schedule, blah blah, wah wah...sorry in advance.)

Here's what I looked at to get ideas of how many steps are normal, etc...we've all heard "10,000 Steps"--silly me, I thought that would be pretty attainable since I feel like I'm always running. HA! This comes from about.com, but I saw the same article by this researcher in several places.

Based on the best evidence as of the end of 2003, Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke recommends the following:
Classification of pedometer-determined physical activity in healthy adults:
1) Under 5000 steps/day may be used as a "sedentary lifestyle index"
2) 5,000-7,499 steps/day is typical of daily activity excluding sports/exercise and might be considered "low active."
3) 7,500-9,999 likely includes some exercise or walking (and/or a job that requires more walking) and might be considered "somewhat active."
4) 10,000 steps/day indicates the point that should be used to classify individuals as "active".
5) Individuals who take more than 12,500 steps/day are likely to be classified as "highly active".

Ready for my totals so far? It's pretty sad.

WEDNESDAY: A work day. This one was different because we had a big make & take meeting, so I worked at home at the computer mainly from 8-11:30, then went to Wal-Mart for a few things for the meeting and headed into town. Two hour commute, straight into one meeting that lasted an hour and a half, then on to the second meeting that lasted for two and a half hours, visited with a friend in the parking lot for another half hour, then an hour and a half drive home. Lots of sitting time. A SURPRISING AND UNCOMFORTABLE TOTAL: 2274 steps. (Sedentary, yuck.)

THURSDAY: A "typical" Thursday in town. Took Kayci to school, came home and cleaned house a bit and got dressed. Went to MOPS, went back to Kayci's school, home to work, lunch with my boy, home to work, went to get Kayci, came back home and finished a project (Motor Lab binders, if you're reading!), went to pick up Noble, then came home and had a regular evening of playing with kids and just being at home. Before Noble reset the pedometer at bedtime? Right over 5,000 steps. Whew. I was worried after Wednesday!

TODAY: Today I'll have more sitting time since I've got some big things working today with projects that need to be done on the computer, but I'll also have my 2 hour workout (1 hour yoga, 1 hour of weights, etc.). So I'm curious what today will look like. I'll also get Noble a full hour earlier than yesterday, so that would theoretically add some steps. And we'll probably feed the ducks or go to the park, our usual outside play. So, we'll see.

Has anyone else tried this little experiment? Were you surprised, too? I can't wait to see how many steps a full day with Noble will bring...

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