11 March 2010

Flippin' Sweet!

Spring is truly here...the weather has been gorgeous (with the exception of yesterday's gray cast, but the sunset totally made up for it!). To celebrate, I'm flippin' out...

...and, heaven forbid my day be all play and no work. Noble left me a present this morning.

Around here, we call that floor candy. I may have accidentally thrown some of the unwrapped stuff away, too...oopsie. :)

It's been a fast week around here. I guess having a birthday party on a Sunday (after having a kid home sick the entire week before) will do that. Noble is officially 2 and we have celebrated and then some. Yesterday I commuted to Houston for a big work day, and my sweet girl cleaned up ALL of Noble's toys so I'd come home to a clean house. How awesome is she?! I know you're jealous, try to hold it in. She's just amazing, that kid. Did you see the pic of her on our family blog this week? GORGEOUS!!

File these under "only in a small town:"

...Tuesday I walked Kayci in to school to pick up some papers from the PTO box. One of the secretaries stopped me and reminded me that I'd left a bag there last week when I dropped some things off for the 4th graders. Anyway, she gets the bag and hands me a box, saying "and this came for you." Well, I haven't ordered anything for PTO, so I was like, oh, no, that can't be mine. But then I looked again, because it was a familiar box: Target. Apparently our regular UPS guy was out, because someone accidentally delivered a box addressed to my home (201) to the school (2201). How crazy is that?! And even crazier that I'd walk in and pick it right up...
oh, right. What's in the box, you say? Nick & Nora's Gingerbread Monkeys for next Christmas. Target FINALLY went to 50% off, ending our stalemate. Whew!

...so then today James has scheduled a photo shoot at my friend's house for a brochure he's working on. She called me right as it was time to leave and said her dog was missing, so I went out ahead of James to search for her dog (he's old, like Sami, and I was afraid he'd gotten out to the highway). Anyway, I get there and she's out looking for her dog. Luckily, a few minutes later, her neighbor remembers something...and sure enough, there's the dog--in the armadillo trap. Only out in the country, right?? Glad he's okay, though--that was a rough few minutes, can't imagine how poor Heather was feeling! Scotty, no more free chicken, dude.

Totally random today, I know. It's hard not having time to keep up with things, I feel like I've missed so much. Nothing exciting to report...still trying to figure out what Spring Break is going to look like around here. I'm excited to have 9 days with my Bitty!

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