05 February 2010

Really Random Friday...

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted something. It's not that nothing's happened...maybe it's just that too much is going on. Ever get like that? This was one of "those weeks"--lots of Dad memories (fire was a year ago Friday, his last surgery was a year ago Tuesday, this week a year ago we were living in a hotel and furniture shopping for their new apartment...crazy, huh?). I'm learning that when times like this roll around, I tend to head into my head until things settle down again. Which, in turn, makes it nearly impossible to be productive and happy and all of the things I'd like to be on a daily basis. But, here I am on the other side. Hope I stick the landing...

On a lighter note, a year ago this week I was working to finish a big Region 4 project and spending lots of time in the hotel room on my laptop. I finally bit the bullet, sitting there, and joined Facebook. I got a lot of flak for my first profile picture since it was turned the wrong way (thanks, Keely, for pointing it out...repeatedly!), so I snapped a pic in Photobooth. I loved this picture!

Last Sunday we met Nana, Dan & Celena for lunch. We went to Cypress Station, which we've been meaning to try for forever. It was a really great restaurant--we'll definitely go back! Afterwards, we went over to Target (of course), and there was a Wii Fit tent in the parking lot. We decided to go check it out, and they were giving away $15 Target gift cards just for playing a Wii Fit game. Isn't that cool? We took our $30 like giddy little schoolgirls and skipped into the store. Since it was free money, we decided to buy something we wanted but didn't need. But...then we walked by and they had a fun Julius bathing suit in Kayci's size, and since they go so fast, we decided to grab it. And then they had Noble's suits and rash guards out, so we picked that up, too (rash guards sold out FAST last year!). So, not exactly what we'd envisioned but it was fun to have money to play with (we probably wouldn't have ponied up the $30 for bathing suits this week...and regretted it next month when we were ready to buy them and they were gone). Oh, Target. What would we do without you?? You bring us such joy...and great stuff. I've been meaning to talk to you about the dollar spot, though--does it seem like they're paring it waaaaaaaaaaaaay down, or is it just me? Worrisome!

Monday I had a big day--messed up on my schedule and ended up accidentally spending the whole morning at the gym. Long story. But good workouts--all freakin' 3 of them. And yes, I hurt on Tuesday. A lot. It messed up my schedule, since I had to be in Houston that afternoon for a meeting. So anyway, after the marathon morning I ran into WalMart to grab something I needed for dinner...and they were marking down their toy clearance. I was SHOCKED at the stuff they had for $1, $2, $3...suffice to say, Noble's birthday presents are bought...along with every other kid we know for the next year. Seriously--crazy, crazy good deals. I literally had a cart full of stuff and spent just a little more than our monthly gift allotment. (So worth it!) Yesterday we were talking about it at MOPS, and when I went to go get dog food later I ran into a friend of a MOPS friend with a cart full of Hasbro stride to rides...with her Hasbro printable coupons, they were FREE. This is the thing Mom & Dad bought Noble for Christmas last year...it was hard to find and $25 at the time. Crazy, right?? But good for them--the ladies that coupon like that give a LOT of stuff away to charity...it's really a cool thing that they do. I admire them, but I'm not ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. I think it could be a big time drain...like Facebook, but with free stuff. :)

What else? It's been a good week around here. I only went to Houston TWICE--down from the last few weeks. Kids are awesome, James is a happy boy (he got a new lens this week for his new personal camera, then yesterday his new Mac arrived at work...he is a SERIOUSLY happy boy!). We've been lucky to spend quite a bit of time with friends this week and this weekend we get to go out to the Bogans' for Addie's birthday...looking forward to that. We'll probably post pictures on our family blog, as it's a dress-up Pirates and Princesses party. Kayci can't wait!

Work is going really well; there's lots of cool stuff on the horizon. I have a to-do list a mile long, so hopefully I'll knuckle down and get stuff done today. After yoga. :) Two weeks ago today, James was home with a messed-up back. He's done a lot better since the shots this fall, but he overdid it at the Conference and was paying the price. His doctor recommended yoga, so we tried it...and he loved it! Now, several years ago when Lauren and I went to yoga almost every day he tried it and did NOT love it, but he was such a gym rat back then I think it was just not enough of a workout for him. :) But it was really good for his back, and once he got over the stretching in a room full of people, he enjoyed it, I think. I enjoyed it so much, I walked right out and signed up to join the gym, which I've been considering for...oh, the almost 4 years we've lived here. I just did it--it's time.

I think that's where my "online" time has gone, to the gym. While that's good in a lot of ways, I'll find a balance so I can still blog. I miss it! I find myself driving, writing blog posts in my head that I'll never publish. Do you do that? I even snapped a picture while I was sitting in traffic Wednesday night of the sea of taillights before me. It was beautiful...and frustrating. 3 hour drive home because of the rain and wrecks, can you believe it? I was grateful, though, that I made it home safely and in time for bedtime stories.

Yesterday was MOPS, which is always fun. I baked mini sopapilla cheesecakes which turned out really well (so much for modest--I loved them!). Last night was Kayci's Daisy Girl Scout meeting, and I baked cupcakes and set out frosting and about a bajillion different sprinkles for them. About 30 seconds into the melee, I realized that I'd made a tactical error, and perhaps "make your own pizza" would have been better. The girls were WIRED and loud and crazy...but it was awesome. This may be our only year in Girl Scouts, the way things are going, so my goal is to have fun and make it memorable for the girls. So far, so good, I think.

Today my agenda is report, yoga, personal trainer, laundry, curriculum, report...work, work, and more work. But it's good stuff. I woke up this morning thinking, one more work day then it's the WEEKEND. I'm looking forward to 2 days with James and the kids. I'm not sure what the kids and I are going to do during the SuperBowl...we might hang out with one of the Dude's families. We'll see. Who knows--maybe we'll have a quiet Sunday evening at home!

Alrighty...time to hop in the shower. Yes, I shower BEFORE I go to the gym. You've seen my hair, right? :)

Hope you have a fun Friday!

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