10 February 2010

The Devil is in the Details

Kayci is soooooo my girl--she notices every little detail. Usually.

Two winters ago, when I was still pregnant with Noble, we redid our bathroom. I've always loved the Moda cowboy prints, and I found a sheet set downtown that was such a good buy, I couldn't pass it up. Mom turned the flat sheet into a shower curtain with the ribbon loops inside like I like (have you seen that? The liner hooks TO the shower curtain, so no second bar!), and I absolutely love that shower curtain. The idea was that since we only have one bathroom, we'd start mixing in some elements from the main parts of the house (ha, our house probably isn't big enough for "main" parts, but you get the idea) instead of having a bathroom that matched our bedroom back when we first got married. :) Anyway...so this was two years ago.

Last week at MOPS, we made a fun chalkboard frame. I went with red bandanna print, thinking this would be the oomph! the bathroom counter needed after all this time. When I set out the frame, I liked it a lot, but the counter was unbalanced.

I brought Kayci's old boots in from the living room (they've just traveled from room to room since we've lived here...I love them and love to use them, but they've never found a permanent home). I like them here...think it would be funny to find a tall enough soap dispenser that a soap dispenser could live in one boot, lotion in the other. Hmm.

So this is where we are now. I like it. Someday I'll swap Kayci's cowboy/cowgirl couple for an embroidered "Dear God, please tell Mommy that cowboys don't have to take baths..." but I want an embroidered one, not a print. Still looking, have been for years. :) Anyway, the only thing that's changed is the counter. And here's where the story was headed all along...on Sunday, Kayci says, "oh, so we have a cowboy bathroom now." I said, "it's been this way for two years, except for the counter." And she says, "really?"

Um, yeah.

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Lil Knowles said...

That's my girl!! She acted like she was MY child!! I am SOOO the opposite of observant!