24 February 2010


Thanks, Heather, for thinking of me! You made my week! If you guys don't read Heather's blog, it's great...I told her that I've actually gotten lazier about family blogging since she's been on the scene--everyone can just head over to Dallmeyer Days & see what's going on in Kayci's life! :))

So now I list 7 things about myself that you might not know and pass this on to another Beautiful Blogger. That's tough on both counts! Hmm...

1. My biggest fear? Zombies. Yup.

2. I can't work/concentrate in a messy room.

3. My music tastes range from Conway Twitty to U2 to Tori Amos to John Mayer to Doug Stone to Alanis to Johnny Cash to...well, all over the place. I'm not sure what that says about me!

4. I always have cold feet, and I can't go to sleep unless I'm touching my boy with said cold feet. Sorry, boy.

5. It's tough to think of 7 things!

5. Okay, really this time...hmm. I love, love all things office supply-related. Paper, pens, pencils, Sharpies, paper clips, rubber bands, scissors...I could spend SO MUCH money on this stuff. Oh wait, I do!

6. My favorite store in the world is Target. Okay, you knew that. So add this: my favorite thing about Target is finding the reddish orange stickers!

7. I'm dreading the end of winter because I don't know what shoes I want to wear this spring. It'll be too warm for my rubber boots, too cool for my flip flops (did I tell you they got me new zebra Yellow Boxes for Christmas?!)...and my flats are all at the end of their road. So I might have to buy some new shoes, and this is stressful for me because I HATE to spend money on shoes but I love, love fun shoes. :)

Ah ha!!! I did it! Crap, it only took me 20 minutes. I'd better get back to work--I'm supposed to be on the road today but sick kids have kept me here in town. I need to get some work done while I can before it's time to camp out at the clinic.

Oh, and my pick for Beautiful Blogger? Tracye, one of the most fun girls I know. I love your positive attitude and the way you can find the fun in EVERYTHING. You inspire me! Enjoy!

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