11 February 2010

Blog Envy

I know, I know...jealousy is a horrible emotion. But I'm laying here, blog-hopping, hoping to be able to find my way back to sleep (Noble's 2 AM wake-up call worked, what do you know?), and I have seen some amazing blogs. Now, I'm a little envious that these women have these amazing, DECORATED, homes...but those are just things. What I'm really envious of is...you know, maybe I'm not envious. Hmm.

It's more like, I'm in a season of my life when I WANT to write...but life has other plans. I have my family and my home and my work...unfortunately, some days, not in that order. I don't have time right now to read the blogs I'd like to read and spend time with my thoughts and wishes. I'd love to take time to comment on some of the wonderful things I run across...love to read more...love to share favorite things with you...love to learn more about how other people live, parent, love...

I don't wish for this time...because God has a sense of humor and He'll either help me find time in the middle of the night...sigh...or, well, let's not think about it. :)

So there it is. To all of you amazing women--and men, like my boy--who are out there blogging away and sharing the love, thanks. Someday I'll join you...


Lin said...

big hugs! u take care ya..meanwhile, take pride in the fact that u are a great wifey and fantastic mummy to two really wonderful kiddos! good luck, Cynthia O

Brenda said...

Funny. I have been working on a post for a few days. Lots of pics. I too pour over these sites with the decorated homes. :S Me and my mom just went to town and did some stuff around my house. It was fun. Not at all AMAZING like these gals do on these blogs. I won't be posting any buttons that say I did it without my hubby's help either. Just some stuff I have been wanting to do but haven't and that with just a little inspiration from a few of my favorite blogs decided to finally do.

Jealousy is a horrible emotion I must say.
I love reading your blog! You are an awesome blogger/writer!! I am jealous of your blog I must say from time to time. Envious of how you are able to write off the top of your head and let it all flow out. in such an intelligent, funny, and cool way all in one!! You are the complete package. LOL! You leave me wanting more. And you make me think. And laugh. And I have shed a tear a time or two as well. And you have made me say, "I feel that way to!" I so can relate to so much you post. And it is cool and scary sometimes how many times it seems you are watching me and my life from a spy camera 'cause it feels like you are speaking right to me!!

Love and Hugs.