05 January 2010

Random Ramblings

So, yesterday we had to take the Pilot back in--just got both sets of brakes replaced/fixed, and it was still making the weird noise. After we dropped the car off and I took James back to work, I was driving through town and I saw the guy from the car shop pulling out of Dairy Queen. And I was struck by a silly thought: wouldn't it be crazy to drop your car off at the shop, then see a guy driving it out of Dairy Queen 10 minutes later? Or if you ended up behind your own car in car line? Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode where the dry cleaner was wearing his jacket or something? Anyway, it made me laugh. A little nervously. :)

James accidentally left his alarm on this morning, so I got up at 4:09. Reluctantly. Now I'm sitting here trying to wake up enough to type a few things for work today. And then I hope to spend a few minutes with my friend, wii fit before the kids wake up. That's my plan. Hee hee. Usually it's right after I declare MY plan that I hear "Mom Mom? Mom Mom?" from the bedroom...

Hmm. My to-do list yesterday was freaking epic. It never seemed to end. Add to that a work crisis of annual proportions, and it could have been kind of a crappy day. But it wasn't. It felt GREAT to take a (literal) truck load to the mission...that's a truck load LESS of stuff in our storage unit. And more to come in 2 weeks--that feels good! James also cleaned out the shed this weekend, so that stuff filled up the inside of the truck. And that felt great. Stuff is flying out of our house right now...I've got the Pilot loaded up with stuff to go to Houston tomorrow, whether it's stuff to give away to my teachers or baby stuff for an expecting friend. And another huge pile is growing as I finish up cleaning out my work closet. Next: my work files. Duh duh duh. THIS is when I need some diet pills to keep me up at night so I can get this stuff done. There aren't enough hours in the day when I'm drug-free, man. Okay, okay, I'm kidding. Kind of.

OH! And at some point before I go to sleep tonight, I'm going to catch up with Jake. He's the new Bachelor, if you're less lame than I am. I'm really looking forward to watching last night's premier at some point--but I also PRAY that's not the highlight of my day.

And even more random: I always forget to take my vitamins, but it's 3 big bottles and I don't want to leave them out on the counter but if I don't see them I forget...sigh. So I wanted a little pill thing to keep with my makeup or something to remember to take them every day. But I KNEW they sold them for $1, so I couldn't bring myself to shell out money at any of the stores we've visited this past week. Yesterday I bit the bullet and went to the Dollar Store and got one. Then I got it home, opened it up--and it broke. First freakin' time I touched it. So it's sitting with my shopping bag...I know it's just a dollar, but it broke. I think I might just take it back today when I go to the store. Hmm. It just feels like lately we've been eating a lot of stuff--hardware, curtain rod, screws, washers, etc...all with the excuse "well, it's just a few bucks." That adds up eventually. I kind of added it up yesterday, and in our latest greatest office re-do, we probably spent a good $25 on stuff we didn't use, but didn't take back. Ooh...that's embarrassing. Forget I said that.

Alrighty, my brain and fingers are working in tandem now. Off to work...then to work out. Wahoo!


Cheryl said...

I love the random post! Sounds like you off to a great start in the new year! Keep up the good work, girl!

Cheryl said...

Oh, that car thing made me giggle... =)

Kristi said...

Can't you just imagine?
Hey, Cheryl--as soon as we reload our bank account, I'm going to get back with you about those lessons! We had a very musical Christmas--Kayci got an electric guitar & James got an acoustic. :)

Cheryl said...

Awesome! How fun! What did you get?!?!

Kristi said...

I didn't get one. :( I had a guitar years ago--pre-kids--and still couldn't stick with it long enough to learn. Now, I get the pleasure of watching everyone else play! (or listening to, I guess...)