16 January 2010


At 4:44 this morning, our bedroom door opened and Kayci walked in carrying Noble. She dumped him in our bed then turned around and went back to her own bed. We slept for a little bit longer, but before too long, Noble was giggling and playing and ready to get up. Kayci came back in and got in our bed and we all laid there for a while and talked and played. Before we ever had kids, that's what James and I imagined our Saturday mornings would be like. Now, it's very rare that it happens like today, but when it does, we appreciate it. :) Eventually the kids went to play in the living room and James went to make coffee...and I took the opportunity to be lazy for a little bit longer!

Before long, Kayci came back in--she made me breakfast in bed. :) It was cornflakes, because when she "makes" breakfast, her favorite thing to "cook" is cereal. She brought her Apple Jacks in and we sat on our bed and ate and visited. We got out my gratitude journal, and I told her about when I bought it (1998--Jarod and I went to Barnes & Noble, I'd been having a rough time at school and I was looking for something to help me be happier) and went through the times I've actually written in it (um, 3 times in 1998...a few in 2006, lots in 2008...not very faithful). GRATITUDE is my focus for 2010, so I thought I'd give it another shot. We'll see if I stick with it--sticking with something that's good for me hasn't been my strong suit, historically. :) Anyway...I had James & Kayci tell me what they were thankful for today, then I went back and read some of my old entries. There are several from the year between Houston and Brenham, and several from when we were getting ready from Noble. It's funny what "things" made the list...usually watching "Friends", if TV is a thing, or whatever color combination I was into at the time. There's always something about my flexible job, our life, our family...most of the time I wrote in January, so Ronny's birthday is in there every year and also mentions of seeing various other family members. It's fun to see what was important to me before kids, when I had just one kiddo, and when we were waiting on number two to arrive. For 2010, there's a lot about getting organized, getting finances straight, silly kids, time with my Boy. It'll be fun to read these entries in a few years when Noble's antics may be more annoying than cute, and Kayci doesn't think we're rock stars anymore!

Hoping you guys stay warm & dry this weekend...we have a couple of errands to run but our plans for the weekend pretty well revolve around family movies and eating soup (Kayci set the agenda). Hope yours is peaceful, too! Happy LONG weekend!


Heather said...

What a great idea! I love the gratitude book. I might have to steal that idea from you. It's a great reminder of the blessings we have in our lives. And it would be great to look back on that during rough patches in our days. You rock!

Kristi said...

It is fun to look back and see what was important at different times. Try it! I've used just fun notebooks/journals, too...I think when I bought this 12 years ago (!) I thought it would MAKE me write in it if it was "official." Um, yeah...not so much!