05 January 2010

Desk sweet home

One of the things that became obvious when we looked at our office space was that I didn't use my desk. I piled stuff on and around it, but I never sat there. Turns out, I work best at the "temporary" table in our bedroom. Who knew?! I think it's the window--I love, love sunlight. :). I've been really guilty of just piling things here, too, but I have officially changed my ways. Hold me accountable, friends. :)

This is at the end of a 12 hour workday today, but it ain't bad, all things considered!

You can see (right corner) the boxes of curriculum files I need to type/purge...that's next. :)

Fruit of the Spirit & Bitty's 12-month handprints

An e-mail hug from my Boy...from 2002!

A reminder of why I do what I do

The most important things...

...aren't things at all.

Pile o' work. Yes, really. It's not rocket science, folks.


I bought this on a Student Council trip back in 1991...this is one of the beliefs I hold onto. It's served me well. :)

I showed you mine...chicken?

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Heather said...

Great post!! You are so organized and have your priorities figured out. You are a great inspiration!