10 January 2010

My Bag

I used to teach a "Multicultural Education" class for Region 4. It was one of my favorite face to face courses. Last week when I cleaned out my work closet, I came across this. There was a class activity called "what's in my bag?", with the point being to help people realize that we ALL have culture, and it goes far beyond the color of our skin and where/how we choose to worship. Ah, I knew I couldn't do this without my soapbox, sorry. Anyway...I found my bag! This is pre-Kayci, and it was interesting to see what I shared about ME before I became Mommy. I think we both know the contents of that bag would be much different today! But it's fun to remember who I was. :)

My Grandma's apron-to illustrate my love for her and the roots she represented. And my love for simple things (cotton gingham--doesn't get much simpler!), even back then.

One of my favorite Children's books, to represent my love of books and teaching kids to love books.

Eat 'em up, Kats! Self-explanatory...I love Sam, and I married Sammy. :)

The Qur'an, to represent marrying into a different culture.

A napkin that was a gift from Syria, to represent our different ideas of beauty and value (something I struggled with for years). I just don't DO fancy, and that's completely opposite for them.

This is James' from when he was little. I used to carry her in my purse, and I can't remember who broke her arm. I loved her even more after that...the idea of a flawed hero, I guess. There's hope for me, yet!

Before we had monkey babies, James was my monkey boy. :)

An antique silver spoon, to represent my love of antiques. Hee hee...don't get me started on my JUNK!

At the time, I thought I couldn't live without my cell. Ah, pre iPhone...I barely remember those days...

Blue ribbon from our wedding. Awww...good times, good times. Love that color still.

Sunflower, for my Kansas roots. One of my favorite places on earth, even now.

A letter from a mission trip--I thought I would be a great missionary. Then I got pregnant, and Africa was no longer an option. Turns out, my mission field's pretty small.

My favorite color, fat crayon for preschool. :)

Oh, Sonic, even then I couldn't quit you...

Kokopelli, from our Grand Canyon trip. He sat on my bedside table for forever like the little fertility god, til I gave up on him. Guess what happened next? :)

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Heather said...

I love this post!! I learned some new things about you. So cool! I think we should do this at MOPS!

The Kramer Family said...

how sweet! i love learning about ya!

i agree, we should do this MOPS! Go idea:)