07 January 2010

A-Ha! I'm NOT the only one!

I have a not-so-secret dirty little secret...I'm a list-maker. Like, have 4 or 5 spirals going at any given time, planner at the ready list-maker. It's one of the ways I keep my OCD tendencies in check and feed them at the same time. Here's a view of my desk this morning...note the many, many spiral notebooks and lists. Yep, that's really what it looks like right now. Right this second. Real time, folks, you saw it here, first.

I took a 10 minute break from my Blackboard breakdown (50 photos? What was I THINKING??) and read one of my favorite blogs, the Idea Room. She is freakin' amazing, so definitely check it out when you have time. Her post today--I could have written it. Seriously...she describes this part of my life so exactly, it's spooky. Ha!

So I'm NOT crazy.

Well, or at least I'm not the only one....

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