04 June 2012

Congratulations, Keely!

Our oldest niece graduated from High School this weekend.  I tell ya, we couldn't love that kid more if she was our own!  Keely has grown into a gorgeous young lady with a spirit and drive that will take her as far as her dreams...she's awesome!

James didn't get to go with us, and that was the only downside of the whole day.  Here are a few pics from my phone, and some I stole from Keely's facebook...

Here's the procession...Keely's actually up on the stage.  She was a class officer, so she got to kick off the program and say the pledge (nailed it!).  :)  I knew it was her because of the blue shoes!

Graduations are long...even longer when you're 4.  We made funny gum teeth, he ate 4 packs of fruit snacks, Pez...anything to keep him happy and quiet!

The blue shoes turned out to be a life lesson...they're great shoes, but not made for walking.  (Lesson learned:  girls, carry a pair of flip flops.)  Luckily, this guy came along and took Keely and Grandma to the parking garage.  Yes, really!

After lunch, it was cake time--YUM!  Ronny & Amy got her an awesome cake--it was wedding cake good.  And TV-worthy!

Keely was definitely blessed with some great gifts, and she deserves every one!  I was really excited about our gift; she wanted Wellies, but I didn't want to buy the boots (good thing, she went for a different color) and I wanted a fun way to give her the money.  So, we bought an umbrella (doesn't every college kid need one?) and tied the money to it, along with a picture of the boots.  It's me, so this was one of those things that sounded great in my head but didn't go off quite as smoothly.  But I still thought it was a fun idea...

All's well, because she got her boots.  :)  

Keely, our card pretty much said it all, but I'll say it in public:  we are so proud of the young lady you've become.  We can't wait to see what's next for you, but we have no doubt you'll continue to be blessed.  You are awesome, and we love you BIG!

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