16 June 2012


One of the things I've had on my to-do list for months is a morning checklist of sorts for the kids. Frankly, it makes me pretty grumpy when day after day after day I have to say, "did you make your bed?" or "did you brush your teeth?" When the new Silhouette came last week, I knew this needed to be one of my first big projects. I went to the closet and found a little pocket chart (Target $$ Spot, they usually have them in August). I planned to put this in the kids' room, but then I thought the hall would make a lot more sense. Yesterday I had time to finish, and today is the trial run. Noble, of course, is excited that he can "read" it...and he told me he'll probably need to dust later so he could have another job! :) I envisioned them each having a couple of rows rather than columns, but Kayci set it up and I wanted to honor her choice. I am a willow, as Joe Scruggs says, I can bend!

I can't take credit for the cool design--I downloaded these from Silhouette. The designer had a good set, and I just added the words and a few things specific to our family: piano, AWANA, laundry, lunch & backpack, homework...I think that's it. And their names are in a downloaded tag shape, as well. And that font? Also downloaded from Silhouette. If you have one, I highly recommend the $10 monthly subscription!

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