04 June 2012

Catching up...

Last Sunday we went for a bike ride.  For the first time on a family ride, Noble rode his own little rocket bike...and rode over 2 miles.  We were amazed!  He did so well!  Afterwards, Daddy surprised the kids by bringing out the remote control car...which didn't last long before someone bent the whatever and that was it.  But it was still fun!  :)

A lady I've worked with a long, long time retired this week--we put a gift card in this fun mason jar of school bus-wrapped hershey nuggets.  Did I mention she was the lady who made sure all of our kiddos got to and from school on the bus okay?  We'll miss her LOTS!
I got the printable here:  http://likeaprettypetunia.blogspot.com/2012/05/bus-driver-appreciation.html.

We were in Houston 3 days last week for work...but it seems like we've been in the car a LOT this past week.  Our gas bill agrees!

Sunday morning, I heard rustling beside the bed...this is what I opened my eyes to.  :)

After working in Houston today, it was nice to come home and just be HOME...at least until the 6:30 PTO meeting.  Daddy came in from work and took the time to sit down and play Star Wars (war) with Noble.  He's the best!

Tomorrow is our first "real" day of summer!  We've got a trip to the library planned, we'll swim (finally going to sign up and pay in the morning!), and tomorrow night is our annual summer trip to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Noble can't wait--he wants to know what minute we're going to Chuck E. Cheese's.  Kayci's most excited about the swimming pool.  And me?  I'm just glad to be in Brenham, and to be able to focus on my family for a while.  :)  I still have work to do, but now I get to slip into Mommy mode!

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