25 June 2012

Space Invaders

My friend Jan got a lot of flak from her (wonderful!) husband and my Boy this weekend about cleaning out e-mail, photos, etc.  I didn't laugh, because I get the same lecture from my husband quite often.

In fact, just last week he finally had enough of me complaining about not having enough memory to take pictures--so he cleaned all the photos off my phone and put them on the storage drive for me.  I've been telling him for months that I'll take time to clean up my photos, my contacts, etc...um, nope.  Hasn't happened.

(Like the work I'm supposed to be doing right now--not happening.  Yet.)

I'm pretty efficient like that, friends.

Anyway, after all the ribbing this weekend, I thought I ought to open up the folder of pics from my iphone and take a quick peek.

And I'm hoping James didn't look too closely when he was cleaning that stuff off.  There are probably 50 screen shots of nothing (just me or Noble screwing around), who knows how many movies from Elmo's Monster Maker (that'd be Bubby), about a bajillion random pictures from work, and all sorts of craziness.

Like this one from the fall:

Okay, I haven't been pregnant in YEARS.  I have no clue whose baby this is, but you're on my phone, little friend.  

Perhaps my Boy was right, and it's time to tidy up around here.

Let's just pray he doesn't check out my work e-mail.  (Shh!)

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