11 June 2012

Happy Kids

We had a blast at Garner State Park this weekend!  I suspect James is formulating a blog post, so I'll leave that part to him.  I came across this picture of the knuckleheads and thought it would be fun to share.  I'm so proud of them--this was taken as we drove away from the campsite, and they were just as happy and agreeable as they were when we arrived 48 hours before.  Not that they're perfect, or that nobody griped or whined or disobeyed...but they were awesome considering all of the new things we threw at them while we were there.  AND we made them unplug for 3 days (so did we!)...and they didn't complain once.  We listened to the original "Superman" radio broadcasts for several hours in the truck, and they kept asking for more!  Today is the exact opposite of our active, outdoor weekend...the kids are in their PJs, watching TV.  I think they've earned a lazy day!  :)

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