24 May 2012

Odds & Ends

So...we have a dog now.  We're all still trying to figure it out, but all in all, life with Trixie is good.  We're working on basic obedience right now (training her means we're really training us, of course).  The kids are still adjusting to having a furry sibling and you know, not being able to eat off the floor anymore.  :)  Don't get me started on the dog hair...

We're in our 3rd week of eating right and moving more.  Technically we're on day 17 of the 24 day challenge.  After day 10 we quit counting because we're not looking at it as 24 days of being healthy and then we'll go back to doing whatever feels good at the moment.  We've (I've) let things get way out of control, and it feels good to take that control back.  The other day I made a list of the positives about the 24 day challenge.  It's a long list--I feel better than I have in...years.  Honestly.  I have more energy.  I am more productive (well, not today...don't judge).  We're eating clean and healthy--which means our kids are, too...dinner, at least.  Breakfast and lunch haven't changed much for them other than that we've cut back on processed foods and sugar.  Yup, as crazy as it sounds, the Pharaons are no longer eating dessert twice a day PLUS an after-school snack.  Surprisingly, we haven't heard a single complaint from the knuckleheads...I'm shocked that they've accepted the changes so easily.  But, I don't give them enough credit--Kayci is very interested in being healthy, and Noble is a good sport.  I hope they'll grow up with good habits...because I'm lazy when it comes to food and exercise, plain and simple.

I fell off the blogging wagon, and the quiet time wagon...I guess I can't focus on too many things at one time.  I'm doing my best to keep up with my family and my jobs right now, but I look forward to more time for both blogging and quiet time this summer.  We'll see--summer starts tomorrow around here!

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