01 May 2012

16 Years

For those of you who don't know, that's me in 1996--and that big orange Kat?  He's my husband.  Well, my future husband was in the suit.  This is us at the Sammy Awards. (See me holding my award?  Technically, it says "Krista" instead of Kristi, but I didn't have them fix the nameplate because it was a good life lesson...it reminds me not to get too full of myself.)

My Boy and I got married on May 9th, but May 1st is the anniversary that we really celebrate--this is the day that James decided he wanted to be my boyfriend, not just date and hang out.  He said it a lot cooler, but that was the gist of it...and here we are.  Who knew happily ever after was possible?  :)

Thanks for calling me after the Sammys that night, Boy...I love you, you know.

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