12 May 2012

This week on my phone...

Sunday...we got a dog!

Monday: started the 24 day challenge. Here's my take: I am lazy when it comes to food & exercise. Obviously, I need the accountability of a "program" to get back to clean eating and moving enough. But I'm frustrated with myself because we don't NEED hundreds of dollars worth of supplements, etc. to eat clean...each day I think, why didn't I just DO this?! I'm excited about being back on track--it's been a few years since my grocery cart looked like this, and I've missed feeling good!

Tuesday: I don't remember Tuesday. I know I went to yoga and worked at home...hmm... Wednesday: was our anniversary! After a day at work, we celebrated with a picnic at one of our favorite places on earth. Kids, dog, and all!

Thursday: was the last general PTO program of the year, and we finalized officer selection. It's kind of a blur, so this pic Noble took of himself at WalMart (cookies and lemonade for 300, anyone?) seemed appropriate. :)

Friday: was the last PTO Board meeting of the year, and Kinder graduation, and Academic Day, and...just busy. I'm so grateful to have a knucklehead who can entertain himself.

Still Friday...by the time we got home and walked Trixie, the week had caught up with all of us. Picklesicles and a movie were just what they needed to unwind. (I almost forgot Kayci's piano lesson, we were so relaxed!!)

Today will be fun, too...more on that later! Happy Mother's Day, friends!!

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