08 May 2012

Milk & Cookies Sprinkle

Remember these?

The sprinkle is over, so now I can tell you more! Well, I have to start with the fact that I wish I'd taken more pictures...seems to be a theme with me! We had an old tan milk can in storage (sad to say, we actually have 2 and use 0 in our home!), so it just felt right to spray it red and use it for the entry. I liked it so much, I came home and put it in our flower bed (minus Gage's g magnet)!

The theme was milk and cookies--it's a really cute and flexible theme, and I hope to use it again.

The banner was hard to capture because of the great light streaming in, so there's a detail shot next. By the way, Lynn & I learned the hard way: aqua and red are a great pair, but they can never, never touch--too hard on the eyes!

Lynn had a great idea: she bought Gage a copy of "If you give a mouse a cookie" and used that as the sign in. She mounted a copy of the invitation in the book, too...it was sweet!  For the favors, we made dipped Oreo pops--thanks, Pinterest!

Here's the other banner...I love the simplicity of the letters, and will definitely use this again.  This was just supposed to be a sprinkle, but they were SHOWERED with love and gifts--this was just the beginning!

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