16 February 2012

Valentine's Day Fun

Originally, Noble and I were going to make one of the monster boxes from February's Family Fun magazine.  You know how this goes; we got the box ready, painted it, put it outside to dry...downpour.

Back to the drawing board!  We were at the store to buy another box (what, you think I had two sitting around?) and we walked by the gift wrap aisle.  I thought, hmm, those bags would make great monsters...or Angry Birds.  Noble loved the Angry Bird idea, and chose the black bag.  Which turned out to be awesome, because the black bird's beak lent itself well to our plan.  I can't take any credit for this at all--what makes this so cute is the printable from The Party Animal blog (she ROCKS!).  

Noble and I had a lot of fun making this together--believe it or not, all I did was cut--he did the gluing (and there was lot's of gluing to get the red inside just right, he was very specific about that).  

Can't you just see all of the 3-year olds feeding their valentines to the bird?  :)

Noble's valentine--I *wish* I had pinned or bookmarked the original idea I ran across several weeks ago, this is TOTALLY copied from someone and I'd love to give credit.  Noble's favorite gum is Juicy Fruit, but I was 4 packs short so I supplemented with a grown-up flavor for a couple of people.  He was SO proud of these...and yup, I was, too.  :)  Good job, DaddyBoy!

One thing that I'm really excited about:  Noble can WRITE this year, so that's his signature on the valentine, heart and all, and if you go back up to his bird you can see that he signed the gray tummy.  

Here he is in his new wookin' for wuv...since these Old Navy tees have pockets, I just printed a heart with an "n" inside of it on the front.  I realized I need to start using capitals for him, but design-wise, I just hate to do it.  Again, I wish I had my problems--wah, my little guy digs letters.  

This is last year's design, but I love the vintage look.  Spoiler alert:  I picked up a green tee like this at Old Navy a couple of days ago for a March shirt.  Kayci likes this shirt, too...she asked for me to make her something on a shirt like this.  Their Christmas shirts were this vintage, heathered feel, and I think she likes how soft the shirts are.  I know I do!  But, I digress...

Kayci wouldn't let me make her a Valentine's Day shirt this year.  This one's from Old Navy.  And it's big enough to wear next year, kid...don't get any ideas.

Here's Kayci's Valentine box--we flipped a PiperLime box inside out and she duct-taped the seams with her fun tape.  (Thanks for the box, Grandma, and the shoes in it!)  This box was a total Kayci project, and I love how it turned out.  She put little adhesive gems on it and cut out sayings to glue on like conversation hearts.  I love her work!

Here are Kayci's valentines.  Again, I wish I had pinned the original idea--there are tons of heart felt bookmarks out there from Martha Stewart on down, but we saw these on a blog and just fell in love.  We combined the idea with the picture (you know, like the lollipop in the hand pic), and I like how it turned out.  This will probably be the last year I get to help Kayci make valentines--sniff.  
PS--I did the sewing...it got ugly when Kayci couldn't sew perfectly the very first time she tried.  :/

Here are our friend/family valentines...I just love those kids!  And their Daddy, who makes this stuff possible.  Thanks, Boy!

For teachers (6 this year!), I had planned to bake and decorate cookies with the kids.  Ah, no...we haven't had time.  So, I punted and did a version of Idea Room's candy corn bark and cut it into heart shapes, and then made heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats and made them pretty with sprinkles and white chocolate.  We bagged these babies up and wrapped them in...

...fun Valentine's dish towels (I love, love nice dish towels...Kristi trivia).  I had Daddy print extra of the tag for the candy bags--cut apart, these pics make great gift tags!

And there's Bubby.  :)

That was a long post for what was really a simple holiday around here this year!  The kids and I just did pictures for Daddy, and of course Kayci made him a card.  For the kids, Daddy and I gave each of them a roll of duct tape with a note:  families stick together!  (Kayci has taught Noble how to make duct tape pens...heaven help us.)  The kids were so excited to wake up to a pile of valentine cards Tuesday morning...big thanks to the Fosters, Trueloves, Grandma, Grandma Hagler & Ant Peggy for that!  (Nana & Dan's cards came on Tuesday, so they got to open those before bed.)  

I hope you felt loved this Valentine's Day...and I hope you shared the love, too!

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