21 February 2012

For the Love

Several months after we moved here, we decided that Kayci needed some time in preschool (okay, I needed more time to work). We did some searching, and everything led us back to the same school-what people called the best school. Well, there were no spots. And there was already a waiting list for the next year. And, it turned out that it wasn't just a rumor--people had camped out at the church overnight to get those spots for their kids. I'd never heard of such a thing, and I wanted nothing to do with it. Sure, most of the people we knew sent their kids there...and it was an awesome school...but nope. No part. Kayci had a great experience in Ms. Allison's class, but we didn't care for the school overall and we were glad to be done with it.

We got nervous when we found out we were pregnant again--daycare had been such an issue for Kayci, and we were out of options. We kept him at home until it just wasn't working (okay, I wasn't working) well and then we started the school search again. Same thing: all signs pointed to that school which I'd sworn off. I'll fast forward through a bad day care experience, Noble spending Wednesdays with Heather, and then a half year of floundering around and Noble going to work with me every week...not having child care was for the birds. Oh, wait...I'm fast forwarding...so, through divine (and Heather's!) intervention, Heather gets Bubby a part-time spot at THE school. And it was everything we'd hoped and more.

It's that time again; registration time.  I knew it was this week, but I had the 21st in my head, so I was thinking that I would just deal with it today (had to work yesterday).  Well, it WAS the 21st, and spaces were filling up, which meant we had to suck it up and camp out or Noble would be out of luck next year (and he just loves, loves his school...it's such a blessing to know he's safe and happy and loved...we NEED for him to have a spot at that school).  So...after a 13 hour day, I ate dinner with the family and then while DaddyBoy put the kids to bed, I headed off to camp out.  (In his defense, my Boy had planned to take this one for the team, but I just couldn't do it--he has to go to work today, and I only have to work from home).

I was prepared for a long, yucky night.  I packed a big ol' bag of stuff to do, including a laptop for grading.  There was also the option to socialize, but I just wasn't in the mood.  Well, I got there and I couldn't get on wi-fi, so that meant no grading.  I hesitated for about a second, then I just curled up with a book on my phone and read until I fell asleep.  It was completely silent in my car, save for the odd car coming or going (the parking lot was full, friends...I got there at 8 pm and was the 34th person in line, I think they were up to 80 when I left?).  It was a wonderful, blessedly silent night.  And surprise coffee and donuts at 6:30 am with my family?  What a fun treat!  :)  The moral of the story:  if you want a spot at this school for your kids, I don't care what they say, Moms--volunteer.  Bring pillows and blankets and just enjoy the silence.

Say what you will about the process, I have to think it's the way it is for a reason.  These spots are like gold--I am absolutely, 100% happy with Noble's preschool experience so far.  And once again, this child has made me a hypocrite.

Wait, hold on:  I'm NEVER going to be a millionaire.  I don't EVER want a part of having enough money to give away like crazy.

(What?  It worked before!  I'll NEVER have a baby in my bed...I'll NEVER have a kid who talks back...I'll NEVER camp out for a daycare spot...)

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