13 February 2012

Aren't we all?

We were up in the air about a Valentines shirt for Bubby this year...Daddyboy & I kept tossing out ideas and none seemed to fit.  Well, let me correct myself:  none fit as well as last year's shirt.  Since it's long gone (one of my first attempts at heat transfer--needless to say, it did not hold up well), we picked up this vintage red (tell Noble it's pink) shirt at Old Navy yesterday and I planned to print this with black paint.  Daddy suggested white and I was all, no, white's too hard to paint...but when I got going, I found some white ink I forgot I had...and, as Kayci says, voila.

I'm digging the vintage.  Noble's the coolest kid I know.  Well, maybe it's a tie...