27 October 2011

Too Close to Home

Yesterday, I met a little guy who, from behind, looked so much like Noble it was a little freaky.  Down to the way he wore his t-shirt, kinda hanging off one shoulder.  I met this kiddo in one of our classrooms, and he was born with some physical issues that make it difficult for him to do everyday tasks.  He's absolutely gorgeous, and funny, and sweet...he's a month older than Bubby, and they are so similar.  I find myself wondering if they will be friends when they meet tomorrow, and if they'll look at each other and see the similarities I see.  Not many three year olds are that self-aware, I know.  But part of me suspects they'll look at each other and see a friend.  I hope.  I pray Noble sees past the physical differences, like Kayci has always been able to do.  I love that she has my heart for special friends, and I know that Noble is a totally different knucklehead and he may not be as accepting as she is.  We'll see.  And if not, we'll work on it, because I think it's important.

I think maybe it's because of my work, but I always wondered if God's plan for me included a special needs child.  Now that both children have been born and are growing up so healthy and whole, I fervently pray that they stay that way.  But seeing a child so like Noble, and so not,  hit too close to home--I never want to take him for granted, the things he thinks and says and does.  And the same for Kayci, of course.  Life can change in an instant.  We pray it won't, but it can.  

So, this morning I'll take a moment and take stock.  Are the things I'm worrying about right now big things, or little things in the grand scheme?  Am I taking time to appreciate what (and more importantly, who!) I have?  Am I spending enough time with the important people in my life?  The answer to some of those is no, which means I've got some work to do.  

But for now, back to enjoying my kids.  And saying a prayer of thanks for their health and happiness.  And also saying a prayer for the kids this morning who are lacking in either...but don't get me started on that.  

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MommyGirl said...

UPDATE: Noble and the other little guy hit it off. In fact, Noble just mentioned him this morning (in the context of it must be "friend" singing the Scooby Doo song. :) They look so much alike, several people mistook Noble for "friend" yesterday. A little PreK guy looked at "friend", looked at Noble, then looked at me and said, "they is the SAME??" I was telling James last night that Noble just accepted the little guy and didn't ask me a single question about his physical differences--not even about the wheelchair. I love that kids just accept others! (This is the same kid who has the tendency to point out physical characteristics at the top of his voice, in public...I was worried.) Yesterday was a GREAT day!