21 October 2011


Last night, we ran into a friend of James' from high school. They were talking about preparations for their 20th class reunion, and that started me thinking...

...MY 20th class reunion is just a few months away. We had a great time at our 10th reunion, and I've really been looking forward to seeing my old friends, and seeing my Facebook friends in person. But here's what had me stressed last night: career-wise, I have no clue where I'll be after this school year ends. People are going to ask, "what do you do?" Hmm...that's kind of a tough one already. So, I had a little freak out on the car ride home last night. James is sooooo good, and he so gets me. He said exactly the right things, and reminded me who I am isn't about what I "do."

I woke up this morning with that in the back of my mind, feeling a little pressured. But on my drive in, I heard a great segment on KSBJ about success. I needed to be reminded to hold to God's standards and do His work, not worry about the world.

Sometimes I lose my focus--but hopefully I'm back on track as I head into my workday today. :)

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