18 October 2011


For years, James has wanted to have a graveyard in the yard for Halloween.  Years.  This year, he and the kids got busy and made his dream a reality.

I think he and Kayci had a *lot* of fun thinking of epitaths, and names.  Some of their rhymes are pretty clever.  

Here lies Cousin Biff.  He fell off a high, high, high cliff.

Noble got to help, too.  A teacher note, here:  on this particular "stone", Noble drew a cross and wrote an M and an O.  Daddy and Kayci were quite shocked...and impressed!

When it comes to projects like these, sometimes I sit out so Daddy and the kids can spend some creative time together.  I decided my role would be to make a fun Halloween-y dinner while they put the finishing touches on the graveyard yesterday.  So, on the menu, we added  FINGER FOODS and GRAVEYARD GOODIES.

We borrowed some ideas from Kayci's Halloween party a couple of years ago, like these Mummy pizzas.

And then there were witches' fingers and a couple of mummy fingers...hey, wait a second, that was a whole finger a minute ago...

And zombie fingers, but they're hard to see in the picture.  These are actually pizza rolls that I made too fat and then the cheese...don't get me started.  But the pepperoni fingernails?  Inspired.

Noble was a little freaked out by the eyeballs in a jar.  

But he loved the finger bones dessert.

And that graveyard?  Pretty spooky, if you ask me!  Great job, Daddy!  (And I'm so happy you finally got your Halloween wish!)

The soundtrack of our life...

1.  Sitting down to dinner, I guess I got a little impatient with Noble's questions.   Kayci said, "ooh, I know when you call him 'friend' he's being really special."  Ouch!  But so spot-on and so freakin' funny...

2.  Noble wanted to pray.  We were prepared for a long one, but this is what he said:
"Dear God, thank you for today.  And thank you for when Jesus died on the cross.
And...just AMEN."

3.  When I noticed there was a half-eaten mummy finger, Noble looked up and said, "Oh, I ate that."  Niiice.


Tracye said...

Does it only come out at night? I drove by today to check it out & just saw the skull...what happened?

MommyGirl said...

The night they put it out it was SOOOOOOO windy, remember? We woke up the next morning to gravestones lying around the yard. So, James picked them up...they're going back out this morning. Man, I hope you didn't make a trip all the way out here just for that! (bet you were going to the gym, good girl!)