11 October 2011


So...every day I think, I should blog about...

...but then I don't, because both cameras on my phone are jacked up now.  So, I can either not post pics at all (okay, or use "real" pictures from the "real" camera that I'm too lazy to use, upload, etc.) or post pics with halos and all-around fuzziness from my cracked camera.


If I could post a picture *right now*, I'd tell you about how we decorated for Halloween on Sunday, and show you the fun banner Kayci and I made.

Okay, so it stretches across the living room/dining room doorway and it's ghost-bat-ghost-bat-ghost-bat-ghost and the ghosts spell out "BOO!"

Which Noble, of course, learned to spell this weekend.  All fine and good until he got confused and was walking around muttering "B-O-O-B!"  So didn't want him taking that to the Christian Day School...

I need to get my camera issue straightened out or be less lazy.


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