17 October 2011

Monday Musings...

Today has been a good day. The morning was a little hectic (because, ahem, I slept in), but here smack in the middle of the day, I'm pretty happy with what I've done and not done.

Today is the last day of the time management experiment, and the challenge is to make time today to do what you love. The first thing that came to mind was something I've been trying to write for months. The second thing was yoga. So, I cleaned house after I took Bitty to school, went to piyo (Pilates/yoga mix), ran errands and grocery-shopped, picked up Bubby, fed and loved on him before putting him down for a nap, enjoyed a leftovers lunch with my Boy, perhaps indulged in some Mexican Praline with him while watching an old "Friends", then finished cleaning and putting away groceries when he headed back to work. Oh, and I've washed all the towels and rugs today. I finally got to shower and dress for real, and now here I am in my favorite spot with my notebook and pencil. Wish me luck!

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