29 September 2011

So, it's not homemade...

Tonight is the big fundraiser for Noble's school. I've known for a while that we are responsible for providing a homemade cake or pie. Like, over a month--plenty of time.

I had big plans to make a brownie cake (a fun & special family recipe).

Then I got really busy with work and PTO and you know, life, so I asked James to make his yummy pumpkin pies. So that was the plan this week.

This morning I realized my poor Boy was double-booked...we'd planned for him and Noble to bake the pies this morning, but James has a 6:30 am Bible study on Thursdays. Whoops. He graciously offered to miss it and bake the pies, but no way--I'm a rule follower and a team player and all, but sometimes you've just gotta play the hand you're dealt. This week? The hand was no time. Is homemade more important than time in the Word? Um, no.

So, I thought about what I would like. And that lead me to strawberry shortcake, which wasn't quite do-able, but it gave me an idea...

Sliced strawberries (with fruit fresh, since it's several hours before anyone will eat this) and cubed angel food cake. My thought was that it could be a little picnic, so I included spoons. I'd totally buy this for my family--I like that you can just add some strawberries to each jar and have self-contained, individual servings.

So, it's not homemade. But it only took 40 minutes out of our day (which includes shopping, cleaning and drying jars, cleaning and slicing berries, cutting cake, pitting it all in jars, cutting fabric, making the tag and cloth bow, delivering it), which is exactly what the doctor ordered today. It's not fancy, but it's fun. So, it's not homemade, but it's done, and I'm pleased with our contribution. :)

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