24 September 2011

Party Time!!!

Noble has 3 friends' birthdays to celebrate today, 1 next week, 3 the next week...he's so happy, and is still talking about the party last week. He thinks it's really cool to see his school friends when it's not school time, which makes it fun for us to make time for all of these parties.

I love giving gifts, but I don't love buying random toys just for the sake of taking a gift. Don't get me started. :)

I was picking up shirts a few weeks ago, and I thought, why not do shirts for gifts? They cost about the same as a toy, and I hope they will get a lot more use than a random toy. So, I talked to the moms, got sizes and color preferences, and made shirts. I've gone back to vinyl, which is another post...it's so much fun to see the designs come to life!

I hope Noble's friends--and their Moms!--enjoy. Not that it's about me, but I've sure enjoyed putting these together. I'd better get moving, or we'll be late for party #1! Have a great weekend!

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