19 September 2011

Hoarding, Explained

There are still some preschool teacher tendencies I can't let go of. One of them? Hoarding craft items and things I *might* be able to use for a craft or learning activity. But I keep it all organized, see, so you won't see me on "Hoarders." Yet.

Days like today totally validate this habit, though. Since we've been home, Noble has been working at his desk.

He drew this awesome cat:

Which led to this status update, just to make Daddy laugh out loud at work:
Noble drew a cat. The teacher in me rejoiced at the facial features, wots of wegs, and a tail. The Noble's mommy in me wasn't at all surprised that there were actually 6 appendages: 4 legs, a tail, and he's a boy.

Kayci finished her homework, and now she's working on her beluga whale project. After she does the crayon work, she's going to do a paint wash of different blues to make it look like it's all underwater. Yes, we do have a variety of paints and brushes. And blues, if you must know.

The mess on the floor? After Noble finished his cat, he drew ovals. (They're studying ovals in school this week, and tomorrow it's his turn to bring an oval snack. Turns out, oval snacks are pretty pricey when your preschooler spots the Pepperidge Farms. But, he found them...) Anyway, then his ovals needed eyes.

And, well, then he decided to experiment with collage items (don't tell him that, he thinks he's playing).


Melissa said...

I LUV LUV LUV how organized you are with you hoard ... I mean stuff. :-)

MommyGirl said...

You'd think I'd have more for the stuff sale, but nope...the thing about such a small house is that we are constantly weeding and taking stuff OUT. Now if only we could quit bringing it in! :)