21 September 2011

The Lunch Bunch

Daddy made Kayci's lunch this morning.  When Daddy makes lunch, the note is always extra-special.  This one featured a naked Nobley, booty and all, so of course then he wanted a picture for HIS lunch.  (Apparently if you bring breakfast you get to sit at a table on the playground and eat during arrival time, and Noble thinks this is just awesome.)  Daddy denied Noble's request for a nakie Kayci in his picture, thank goodness.  Noble just didn't understand why, so I finally told him St. Paul's didn't allow naked pictures.  That seemed to satisfy him.  This is what went into his bag:

I decided to write on Noble's bag, so I picked his favorite number.  When I asked him what his bag said, he said, "my booty!"

Sigh.  We had that one coming, right?

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Heather said...

Oh my goodness! This entire post cracked me up! Love those kids! And James' professional drawing makes my "I (heart) u" notes look really lame!