03 April 2009

Where to begin?

I walked in from taking Kayci to school this morning, and just felt overwhelmed...our regular morning mess, dirty laundry to wash, clean laundry to put away, a table full of work calling to me.  Where to begin?  

So, in typical Kristi fashion I did a little bit of everything...now there's a little bit of everything that needs a little more attention...sigh.  I used to have a fantasy of going to a hotel all by myself for 24 hours and just watching bad cable, reading good books...now my fantasy is a whole weekend at home to get caught up on all of the undone stuff around here.  Oh, well--there's always next week.  :)  

Sadly, I think all of us have adapted to living in this very un-Kristi-like house...it's a lot easier to be messy than it is to be neat, right?  Kayci's totally getting into the spirit of having an unorganized room, and loves getting away with leaving her shoes out and about.  It drives me nuts, but it's hard to gripe about her mess when I've created a HUGE mess in her room that's just been sitting there for...wait for it...a month now.  Sigh.

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