09 April 2009


I went into blogger this morning to upload a fun pic of Noble from the park yesterday, and I saw my last MommyGirl entry.  After I read it, I felt like I ought to add a p.s.  So, what's the opposite of overwhelmed?  That's where I'm at this week...yes, all of that stuff still exists in my life, but when I'm open to it God gives me a swift kick and shows me that it could always be worse.  :)  It has been and it will be, of course, but for now, for today, for this week, I'm focusing on making the most of the time I have RIGHT NOW to get my house back in order (amazing what a few minutes at a time can do!) and to keep forging ahead on my work projects.  

Here's what I've discovered:  our family blog is mostly upbeat and fun, and MY blog is where I go go whine.  So thanks for "listening" to me, girls (I know it's just girls, and if it's not, I apologize, boy).  Feel free to whine to me anytime!

Where I'm at today/right now:  currently, sitting on my bed listening to Noble call "Mom Mom?  Mom Mom?"  I love it!  Not enough to go in there, but still...seriously, I got up at 4:30 this morning to get a jump on my work for today.  I did what I got up to do and then remembered the park picture, so that sent me into the blogosphere.  I've had my first cup of coffee and a too-dry day-old muffin, my shirt is hanging in the bathroom de-wrinkling and I'm feeling ready for the day.  This week my focus has been getting my work-work done (and making some $$!) and slowly but surely taking the house back.  That's been so exciting!  Let's see, 2 days ago James and I put away ALL of our clean clothes.  That made our room look "clean" again--I love it!  I washed the sheets and voila!, all new room.  It feels great!  (Of course, now I'm curriculum-ing so my table is messy again, but it'll clean when I'm done.)  I got all of my work stuff reorganized and back into my work closet, as opposed to piled up in the office, and got all of the kids' notes, etc. filed in their binders instead of on a pile on my desk.  So now I can actually SIT at my clean desk and work in the office, too.  It's awesome!  I'd just gotten to where I had messes everywhere, work & home, and I couldn't get out from under them.  What sent me over the edge was having MY stuff spread out all over the dining room table since both my work table and desk were full of other stuff.  Seriously, when the house is messy because of Mommy's stuff, the world is off-kilter.  That pushed me over...it took a small amount of time, surprisingly, to knock it all out and get the house back under control.  I guess maybe because I was so fed up with it, I had a lot more determination and energy than normal.  Don't know...but yesterday I used my stress after working and a little rough news to go into the kids' room and get started in there.  I've decided that I hate the room arrangement and I'm going back to the way it was this time last year...I want to look in there and see fun and clean, not piles o' kid stuff.  So, maybe I'll wrap that up today.  Almost there...Kayci and I worked in there a bit last night.  Don't think she enjoyed it nearly as much as I did, but she DID enjoy stuffing Easter eggs with me after Nobley went to bed for our cousins egg hunt this weekend.  

Today is like Friday around here--I think I'm more excited than Kayci and Daddy.  :)  This afternoon I'll go to Kayci's egg hunt, and I'm looking forward to it.  Tonight the Bogans are coming over for pizza (well, with pizza, technically as they're bringing it...) and we're going to let the girls dye eggs.  I haven't decided if I'll let Noble into the dye, yet...hmm.  I've been craving brownies, so I've got Symphony brownies on the counter ready to be mixed, along with my favorite fizzy lemonade.  Can you tell I'm hungry?!  Between the park yesterday and dinner tonight, it's feeling like spring around here.  I love spring in Brenham, and I love having time with friends.  For the past 9 months, I've felt very torn between Brenham/friends and Houston/family, and it's been tough to balance.  I'd say Houston's winning out, but that's okay--before too long, my reason for being there won't be there and I'll wish I'd been there more.  That's always in the background, but as I say probably too much, it just is what it is.  What it IS sucks, but it is.  

Maybe I need a 2nd cup of coffee now...time to get into high gear!  Yesterday morning I went in to wake up Kayci and got a shock--she was standing there, in the dark, fully dressed.  I guess she was trying to surprise us, and boy, did she!  I'm curious to see what she comes up with this morning.  :)  She's excited about wearing a fun dress to school for the egg hunt...I just wish she liked her dresses with sleeves as much as she likes her tank dresses.  I guess that's why they make t-shirts, right?  

Okay--2nd cup of coffee and shower, here I come!  You guys have a great day!  Wait--Noble came in to say good morning.  Here's something you've never seen--me with no makeup and my early morning fuzzy ponytail.  I figure I let it all hang out verbally, might as well be honest about how I look, too.  Maybe later I'll post a pic of me ACTUALLY dressed and looking like MommyGirl... :)  

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