27 April 2009

Monday, Monday...

I'm baaaaaack.  Well, back home, anyway.  We got home late Friday afternoon, and this weekend was pretty laidback.  Busy, but in a good, keep your mind busy kind of way.  Still had time to relax and just BE with James and the kids, which was nice.  Now it's Monday morning, and I'm sitting on the couch after a lovely 2-hour session with the lawnmower.  It takes me for freakin' ever to mow, I don't know why.  Maybe because I so rarely do it.  Hmm.  That would also explain the matching thumb blisters that have popped up again, like they always do.  Hmm.

This morning has been nice--all weekend long, I've kind of not-so-secretly been looking forward to this time alone.  I am not working today at all, other than getting things done around the house.  I've got plenty of work to do this week, but nothing that can't wait until tomorrow.  Today I wanted to get caught up a bit around here, and maybe just have some quiet time.  We'll see.  

Lately there's been so much to say, but I just haven't felt like saying it.  Even though things have been really hard, some really great things have happened, too.  Maybe I'll catch up on blogging about that stuff, probably not.  Maybe the best thing to do is just move forward from here, so I don't feel "behind" as always.  (I totally read your belated post this morning, Rachel--welcome to teaching.  When school's in session, life sometimes can feel like it's on hold...just ride it out, girlie.  It'll get better!)  

Hmm...my brain still isn't back in blogging mode, but I felt like it was important to at least post SOMETHING today.  :)  I'll get back into the swing of it, friends.  I'm feeling better already, truly!

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