04 December 2008

The Rhythm of my Days

Today is a very good day...everyone's needs are met, and I've got a clean house, a happy baby, and satisfied people at my various jobs who depend on me for different things.  And, gravy--I've had a shower and am wearing make-up!  :)  

Today started off rough, with both kids waking up way too early.  James and I try to get in an hour, hour and a half of work before the kids wake up (or he goes to the gym).  But today we rolled with it, and ended up using the bonus time to let Kayci make our blueberry muffins.  After that, the morning went off without a hitch.  When James and Kayci left at 7:48, Noble and I sat down to rock and have a bottle, and he was in his crib asleep at 8.  He slept for an hour and 47 minutes, and in that time, I:  ate a muffin, completed a report, answered e-mails, sent e-mails to various students and Region 4, took care of some pending GPISD stuff and set up my work for this afternoon when he sleeps, swept the floors, dusted, did bottles, took a 30 minute work phone call, posted a mega-blog about traditions...just as I finished that, he woke up.  But he wasn't crying, so I tiptoed into the bathroom to see if I could get away with a quick shower...10 minutes later, I was clean, dressed, and holding a very snuggly boy.  We did the after-nap stuff and played, and for the last little bit he's been emptying Kayci's box of paintbrushes (after tasting each one, of course) while I sorted recycling, fed Sami, and took out trash.  Now it's time to run a couple of errands, recycling center & HEB, before we come home and cook lunch.  Which I'm excited about, as we have fresh basil for the tomato soup today--our basil plant is doing great in the bigger pot!  After James leaves to go back to work, Noble will go down for his afternoon nap and I'll grab another hour and a half of GPISD time before we go get Kayci and Lydia from school.  Then it's time to do homework, talk about her day, and make SNOW!  When James gets home at 6, we'll eat dinner (turkey, I think we're crazy to have it again...) and do the normal bedtime stuff.  We started reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever last night--neither James nor Kayci has ever read it, so it's fun to see the Herdmans through their eyes.  And after both kids are in bed, James and I will work on our separate work projects for a while before we sit down to catch up on some homework for our FPU class this Sunday.  

This is the rhythm of my days...not every day goes smoothly, and most days I don't hit every note I'd like.  But today is a good day, and one good day every so often is enough to make me keep trying.  This week James and I talked about putting Noble in daycare ahead of our plan to give me more time to actually work...most days, this sounds great.  The reality of it, though, is that I'd rather be unhappy part of the time than feel guilty for being at home while Noble the infant is in daycare.  I'm okay with him going next year, because as a toddler he'll need that socialization and language...but for now, as crazy as it all is, I like my life just like this.  Well, most days.  :)  

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