01 October 2013

October...in progress

how I love you.
We listened to my favorite U2 song this morning.

image:  U2.com

We usually don't do any fall decorating or pumpkin purchasing until October 1st.  It's kind of a thing.   But since we knew Daddy would be working late tonight, we broke our own rule and took the knuckleheads pumpkin shopping on Sunday.  We turned them loose with the fall decorating...let's just say it's a little, um, eclectic this year.  Normally I put out harvest stuff first, then just do a couple of weeks of Halloween, but when DaddyBoy started explaining that to the kids I realized that it really doesn't matter what I normally do--what matters is letting them do it the way they want to do it.

Even when it means Mommy has to go back and clean up the mess when they're done.  :)
Can this picture count for my October 1st photo a day?  What's that?  Yes?  Cool.
day 1:  ground.

Noble found the banners and wanted to help me hang them.  Luckily DaddyBoy caught this mistake.  Ha!

I still need to go back and fill in a few things, hang a few bats.

Clean up the buffet...I think that's where Kayci ran out of steam.  

I think she's learned a lot about creating vignettes...not bad for a first attempt.

There are lots of spiders and spider webs.  Won't miss those November 1st!

Don't tell the kids, but we have paint and canvases for Kayci to make a new Jack-o-Lantern and Noble to finally make one.  They're going to be so excited!

Bold choice.  I get cool points for embracing it, right?

The little things I'm finding just crack me up!

Spiders in the bathroom...eww.

And the porch is in progress, too.  Wonder where those candy corn pots are?

And speaking of, I got home from the store and realized I forgot the most important thing on my list:  candy corn!  

I'll be going back, don't worry.

Happy fall, y'all!

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