15 October 2013

day 15: my afternoon

I'm going to cheat and tell you about my Friday afternoon.  You'll get over it, right?

Noble has been wearing Alex's hand-me-down boots since bouncing bears.  Since last spring, he's been wearing them a LOT.  He wears them like Daddy, with a polo shirt and jeans.  We bought him some cheap brown WalMart boots last month, and he wore the HECK out of them. When I had lunch with him last Friday, I noticed that the soles were flapping (you get what you pay $13 for). Luckily, Daddy and I had budgeted for just such a scenario.  After school, the kids and I headed to South Texas Tack.  I thought we were going to get some plain brown boots, maybe with an orange top, but when Noble saw these Anderson Beans his eyes lit up.  An almost-special order later, the sweet lady found his size and that was that.

I may (ahem) also have tried on the boots I've been thinking about for months.  They fit beautifully, so I had to take them home.  I'm going to try not to tuck them into my jeans every time I wear them.  Bubby will be so disappointed.

In other news, I love seeing what Noble does in Kindergarten.  This came home yesterday.

It's a picture of Noble and Mommy at the "serces" with an elephant and a horse.  He ran out of room, so he wrote "Mom" instead of "Mommy."  I'll take it!

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