17 October 2013


I always feel that way when I finish a course...but this past 10 weeks has been pretty crazy, and I seriously could run through the hallways of this hotel singing and swinging my arms around.  :)

For weeks I've been unable to relax because no matter what, I've always had grading to do or emails to answer or...well, work to do.

That won't change, but I've finished the hard part of the cycle I'm teaching right now and I've got 4 1/2 weeks of just a normal workload until it starts up again.  But then it's only 4 weeks of kind of hard work and then I'm done...I can live with that.  It helps that my students are AMAZING....did you hear me sing that?  Because they are.  They make all of the hard work worthwhile, because no matter how hard I'm working, I know they've worked even harder.  I'm kind of sad for them sometimes, really, because I work too hard!

Okay, I just wanted to document this day.  Documented.

Now to put on some makeup and get ready for day one of the Autism Conference.  Lots to learn today, friends!  

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